For Birth Parents

Adoption: For Birth ParentsWhat Can I Expect?

I know the decision to place a child for adoption is unbelievably difficult. In order to make you feel more comfortable with your decision, I like to develop a relationship with you to know more about you and what you are looking for in the adoption process. It is very important to me that you are comfortable with the process as much as possible.

I can help you pick out a family that meets your requirements and that you feel comfortable with. You will get pictures of the adoptive family and they agree to provide pictures of the adopted child four times the first year and then at Mother’s Day and Christmas thereafter.

Why Choose Adoption?

Placing your child for adoption is a loving and unselfish act. There are many reasons why a young mother may not feel ready to be a parent. Choosing adoption is a way you can choose life for your baby and still give him or her a loving family and a good home. Children need a supportive family with whom they can bond. Adoption can give your baby a stable, loving home-life, with opportunities for education and career that he or she may not otherwise realize.

How Does The Adoption Process Work?

My adoptions are semi-open. I encourage adoptive families and birth parents to speak with one another prior to the birth of the child. Some confidentiality is always maintained. If it is possible, I like the adoptive parents to meet the birth parents. when this is not possible, I ask the adoptive parents to provide a “Dear Birth Mother” letter that describes them and their lives. I also ask for pictures of the family.

What Happens After The Adoption?

This office will be responsible for routing all correspondence between parties to ensure confidentiality, both now and later. We will maintain current contact information for both parties. If either you, the birth parent(s) or the adoptive family wishes to share a letter or picture with the other party, you simply mail it to this office. We then re-package the information without any identifying information and forward it to the other party.

Adoption can be a good choice for you to provide your child with the quality of life you would like. Adoption can provide your child with family, stability, love and opportunity. It’s a loving choice by an unselfish mother and father.